Dennis Hood artist sitting on a chair with canvases in the background.

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Dennis Hood"s studio space.

For this artist, painting in the abstract allows freedom of expression without the constraints of specific and necessary details required in a realistic piece.

Abstract painting is a fluid and organic process, which this artist enjoys due to the inherent amount of uncertainty involved in creating original work.

Using acrylic paint provides this artist with the ability to work with the medium in a timely manner yet, limits the dreaded "overworking" of a piece.

This artist seeks to create works that encourage the viewer to draw from their own experiences and viewpoints to better understand what they are seeing.

Often inspired by nature, this artist uses the forms found there to generate the flow of a piece.

While working through the creative process in the studio, this artist is influenced and inspired by a wide variey of music. Often the works are titled with specific lyrics from songs that were played during the development of the painting.

studio space with Dennis Hood Art in background.